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“Heridas – Wunden. Alfredo Srur” @ Amerikahaus München

We like to share with you the upcoming exhibition “Heridas – Wunden” at Amerikahaus Munich opening this friday, April 13 at 7 pm. The show presents the work of our gallery artist Alfredo Srur, who will be in Munich for the opening.

The series Heridas is a socio-critical perspective on the life in the outer districts of Buenos Aires. Alfredo Srur kept on visiting San Fernando, a district with a dramatically different daily life than the geographically close inner-city of Buenos Aires. Fascinated with this discrepancy, Srur spend several years in San Fernando and documented the life and circumstances of the people living there with his camera. The series Heridas is the photographic product of an encounter of two sides of the Argentinian society, which usually never meet.

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