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One world


„The enemy of my enemy is my friend.“

In looking at how quickly and how massively the corona virus has impacted the entire world I see how this saying can be true. We are now faced with a world situation that is dangerous for our health, and even more dangerous for the machine that we have all become so very used to living with.

In the last years the interest rates have continued to drop in order to make money available for industry and consumers alike. The stock market has been in a bull market for the longest run in history. We have spent trillions collectively on wars. Now we have an enemy that does not respond to threats or sanctions, that cannot be scared into compliance by political means or tweets. It does not respect borders, religion, race, wealth or gender identity. It is an enemy that we, as human beings must face as a common race.If there is anything positive to be found in this so very dark and sudden surreal situation, it is that we are all equally human and equally vulnerable to the corona virus.

The larger damage will be the financial one. As the chain of financial dependencies gets jerked it will eventually hit everyone at every level. Stores cannot sell to people who to not come to buy. Those stores cannot pay their staff to be there without sales, so staff must go. That staff cannot pay their bills as the job market will dry up through a common problem. In turn the people who own the real estate will not be paid because the tenants have less money. They in turn cannot pay off their loans or credit lines which in turn puts weight on the banks. And so on… The governments have no firepower left to ease this pain as we have seen in the last days. A rate drop causes the stocks to fall as opposed to rise.

It is a time where we, as brothers and sisters of this planet, need to have solidarity with each other. It is a time for us all to see that this is a situation that we can and must get through as a race of human beings.