The concept of randomness resonates directly to the core of our belief system. It is the central point in the discussion between fate and choice. How random is anything that happens to us? Was evolution random? Was the pattern of development that leads us to our modern world random? Is art random?

The primary tools of photography are reality and contrast, the medium is able to capture both the random and the intentional. Every photograph resonates with the contradiction of purpose and happenstance.

The Twin Infinitive is a machine that demonstrates this concept. Images purposely selected by the artist are randomly juxtaposed by the machine to create new compositions. You, the viewer, make the artwork exist simply by selecting a twin image to be printed. If you do not decide, then image is gone forever. No twin pair will be shown twice.

These artworks are explicitly created through an interaction of the photographer, the machine and the viewer.

The exhibition ends when the last pair has been shown. The machine will then be destroyed — slaughtered on the alter of our modern search for meaning. The machine will be carefully dissected and then sold in various pieces. There will be other relics, the prints chosen will be the remaining work, including the viewer in the completed project. The show starts in Bonn and will travel from here to as many locations as the machine’s program timecode will allow. The final destination of this exhibition will determine the site for destruction of the machine.  –JS