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When news becomes art

International Herald Tribune Oct 18,2012 Cover
I was greeted this morning by a work of art in the most unexpected of places. The Herald Tribune. Now, I am a true fan of the photography they print on the title page of this newspaper so please take that into account for what I am about to say. Does it not seem extremely accurate that the entire cover of todays IHT is an advertisement? In the post modern world we live in where all opinions are formed by mass media and all desires are guided by advertising I thought that this one single page represents the depth to which this dependency on pre-formulated thought has brought us.
It seems as though we have become numb to the impact of the very tools used to control us, and as a result the measures have to become stronger, louder, larger and more imposing. And here you have it, the biggest news for the world today is a watch by BVLGARI. —JS