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Announcing exclusive European representation of Rosalind Fox Solomon

It is with great pleasure that Galerie Julian Sander announces the exclusive European representation of Rosalind Fox Solomon.

Her work is fearless. It challenges us to look beyond our comfort zone, to question what we see, to look precisely. Her observant eye is evidence of her lifelong curiosity about people and cultures, paired with an obsessive attention to detail. She has traveled the world looking for and finding images that speak to the humanity in various cultures and has captured, in the personal, the power of the world she has seen. The result is an oeuvre filled with clear and direct images that resonate and engage us as viewers and collectors.

On a more personal level, Rosalind Fox Solomon was a close friend of the late Gerd Sander who is also the father of Julian Sander. Gerd was one of the first to show Fox Solomon’s work in Washington DC in 1978. Gerd championed Rosalind Fox Solomon’s work throughout his life.

We are celebrating this extraordinary partnership with a solo exhibition of Fox Solomon’s work at Paris Photo 2022. This special exhibition will contain a selection from the original traveling exhibition prints of her powerful project “Portraits in the time of AIDS”.

We are also happy to be collaborating with MUUS Collection custodian of the Rosalind Fox Solomon Collection.