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Honouring an artists work, and honouring the times

I had long planned to present an exhibition of work by Rosalind Solomon in November of this year.

Rosalind is an old friend of my family and as such she has been a part of my memory for as long as I can remember. She, along with Larry Fink, David Hecht, Pablo Buggiani and Michael Sitaras are some of the most powerful memories of artists that I have from my childhood. Rosalinds work is an engagement with the subject. It is as if we are viewing fragments of people experience. It is deeply moving work which deserves a great deal of respect and integrity.

The Covid19 Pandemic has been a challenge to all of us. It has changed the art world dramatically by effectively removing the rollercoaster on which the art world actors ride through the year from one fair to the next. Every fair we had planned to do this year was canceled. The few openings were only possible under rigorous safety precautions. Now they are not possible at all, at least not currently.

I cannot, I will not place the work of Rosslind Solomon inside of a box that will not be seen in order for me to be able to list the exhibition on this site, or adhear to the “rule” that a show, when announced must also be shown.

I am a member of the art world avant-garde. the gallerists. We, as a group of people who love the arts and know what it means to live with and grow with the creative output of the artists, know the importance of our job. We bring the art to the public that is new or needs to be discovered. We endorse the work with our name and support it with our time and our money. That the job.

With that comes the freedom that allows us to shift and change our ideas. It is a freedom that some museums wish they had. The freedom to change our mind, to postpone one show in order to show another. That is what I have done.

The show in my gallery now is a group of works by Sean Hemmerle showing New York City in lockdown. It is an extraordinary body of work as I am accustomed to from Sean. It honours this time. Please come and see it.

The Rosalind Solomon show will take place in the coming year when we have found a way back to a more normal life. I am convinced that the experience of engagement seen through Rosalinds work will be all the more powerful coming out of a time of international isolation.

Be safe. Julian Sander