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Jory Hull: Twin Infinitives

By Julian Sander

Twin Infinitive machine represents the forced process of interaction and decision making that our current society has placed on us. Jory Hull has taken photographs of things he has seen over the last years, a form of camera sketchbook if you will, and placed the images together in twins that are shown in the machine. Each twin is unique by way of its pairing of images. There are 34225 possible twins. Each twin is shown for 30 seconds. During that time you, the viewer, may choose to capture the twin by interacting with the machine. The print that is then produced is unique and will never be created a second time. After 30 seconds the twin is replaced by a new randomly generated pair. The opportunity to purchase the twin is then gone forever.

No twin will be shown more than once. This is one of the key aspects of this body of work. It touches on the topic of temporality and tempo simultaneously. 30 seconds being the standard duration of a television advert, it is a reminder of how quickly we must decide. 30 seconds to fall in love with a motive, or loose the chance forever.


The images are of things in everyday life, photographed by Jory Hull with his particular sensibility for color, form and abstraction. Yet the twins, as they replace themselves, are more precise than just a random grouping of snapshots. The lines and shapes, the colors and the irony in these photographs work remarkably well together. It is a testimony to Jory Hull’s refined aesthetic capacity.

As a digital collage, the Twin Infinitives machine takes the process of creation to its outermost limits by involving the buyer in the process of creation. The machine offers an opportunity to be a co-creator every 30 seconds. By doing so, Jory Hull challenges our inherent fear of making a mistake and gives us room to embrace the risk and reward of this process in a very protected way.

Now we only need to take the risk, and reap the reward.

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