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Claude Tolmer


French artist Claude Tolmer, born in 1922, was a trained painter and photographer. Moving to Paris in 1930, he became a commercial artist, merging photography with illustration, intended for the printed page. His unique modernist style contrasted constructed cubist compositions. He created trompe l’oeil, an illusion, by using common objects. Due to his experiments with a variety of techniques including photograms, photomontage, composite printing and cliché-verre, his work was revolutionary.

Tolmer was the fourth generation of the prestigious printing house Maison Tolmer, renowned for its innovative graphics and publications with luxurious pochoir and lithographic illustrations. In 1931, his father Alfred Tolmer wrote and published the book, Mise en Page: the Theory and Practice of Layout, which is still considered a classic text on the subject. The book juxtaposes photography, typography and illustration, the design concepts and lavish illustrations still inspire today. Some of Claude Tolmer’s earliest photographs were reproduced in Mise en Page. Claude Tolmer died in 1991.