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Trevor Paglen, artist, geographer, 19.6.2015


Oliver Abraham
Trevor Paglen, artist, geographer, 19.6.2015, 2015
Baryt Warmton, printed 2019
Ed. 1/6
80 x 60 cm

– is an artist whose work spans image-making, sculpture, investigative journalism, writing, engineering, and numerous other disciplines. Among his chief concerns are learning how to see the historical moment we live in and developing the means to imagine alternative futures. He worked with the filmmaker Laura Poitras on the Snowden Documentary “Citizen Four” which won an Academy Award in 2015 and he collaborated with Jacob Applebaum on an art work called the “Autonomy Cube”.

“Show me what society that ever existed that did not use the tools that they had available. Ask any person from East Germany… you will never hear somebody say, the Stasi never bothered me because I didn’t have anything to hide. That’s not a thing that people say. [laughs]”

“Within the NSA they talk about the “golden age of surveillance,” which is now, because so many of our deepest darkest secrets are floating through the metadata that’s on clouds that we make.”

“I’ve done a lot of the social science work around this stuff — this is an important connection to make — I’m not a working social scientist. I used to be! But before that, I was an artist, and I am an artist, although, a lot of [my] practices look like social sciences, or journalism, and have methodologies inspired by those other disciplines. But we live in a world that’s so complicated you have to get all this elbow grease to learn how to see in the first place.”
(Interview from 17.9.15 Interview Magazine)



Price: 5.200 EUR + MwSt.

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