5.Sep - 7.Nov 2020

Exhibitions > SCENES IN THE CITY

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4.Sep @ 11:00 AM

Free Admission

Galerie Julian Sander
Cäcilienstr. 48 50667 Köln

The Works shown in this Exhibition depict scenes in a city, in any city. Deserted Streets. Music, people living and moving. Happiness but also hopelessness. Change and decay. The Bold and the fragile. Light and dark.

Like when I think of all the places I haven’t been

And won’t ever likely get there

But I think maybe I will

Yes, that’s the way I think

Like the song says

The sun will shine thru my back door someday

All the way down to the bottom of my stomach and back up again

Yes that’s the way I feel

– Charles Mingus, Scenes in the city, 1957.

On the occasion of the opening of this year’s DC OPEN, Gallery Julian Sander shows a selection of Photographers whose works show the impact of citylife on people and the other way around, question what influence the people can have on a city.

Beside works by contemporary Artists, we show photographs from the 50s and 60s by John Cohen, Larry Fink, Rosalind Solomon or Herb Snizer whose focus is on music and relationships. As important representatives of American street photography, the works of Walker Evans, Leon Levinstein, Lisette Model, and Louis Faurer, Weegee or Peter Keetman show everyday life on the streets.

Event Details
4.Sep @ 11:00 AM

Free Admission

Galerie Julian Sander
Cäcilienstr. 48 50667 Köln

Peter Keetman
Rauch einer Zigarette, 1952

Louis Faurer
Sonny Stitt at the Birdland, NYC

Aaron Siskind
Man with lamp, Harlem

Marzellen Straße

Marcel Broodthaers
Straße in Holland, 1960

Jean Paul Belmondo, ca. 1956

Walker Evans
Chicago: a camera exploration, Fortune

Alfredo Srur
Mary, Carlos' mother

Rosalind Fox Solomon
Bass and a Bundle, Santa Lucía Utatlán, Guatemala, 1976

Herb Snitzer
Louis Armstrong, on his bus en route to Tanglewood 34/75 PP

Isabelle Armand
Levon and Dinah's Cafe under construction, March 2015