7.Apr - 24.Jun 2016

Exhibitions > ZWISCHENBILANZ – 5 Jahre Bonn

Event Details
7.Apr @ 7:00 PM

Free Admission

Galerie Julian Sander ( Feroz Galerie Bonn)
Galerie Julian Sander Prinz-Albert-Str. 12 53113 Bonn


5 Jahre Bonn


Five years ago, on April 8, 2011, Julian Sander opened his first exhibition in his gallery in Bonn. Back then, it was going by the name of FEROZ Gallery.

Zwischenbilanz now looks back on our history of significant exhibitions, featuring artworks by Chargesheimer, William Christenberry, John Cohen, Harold Edgerton, Larry Fink, Sean Hemmerle, Jory Hull, Jiang Jian, Lisette Model and August Sander and many others. It reflects the diverse inventory of the gallery, including photographs from the 19. Century until today.

The exhibition is inspired by our decision to move Galerie Julian Sander to Cologne. From July 1, you will find us at Cäcilienstr. 48, Cologne. Business will continue as usual with our next opening, taking place during the Gallery Weekend DC Open on September 2. We would like to pay tribute to our current space in Bonn and remind you of our previous work here by presenting a fine selection of photographs we exhibited over the past 5 years. We look forward to a wonderful evening with you and your friends on Thursday, April 7, 7 pm at Prinz-Albert-Str. 12, Bonn.

Event Details
7.Apr @ 7:00 PM

Free Admission

Galerie Julian Sander ( Feroz Galerie Bonn)
Galerie Julian Sander Prinz-Albert-Str. 12 53113 Bonn

Jian Jiang
Cui Yanqun, Dengfeng

Konrad Adenauer (1876 - 1967), Politiker, 1956

Alfredo Srur
El Chino y el Checho, 2005

Clark & Joan Worswick
(Flute Player) Turmi, Ethiopia

John Cohen
Muddy Waters, Isaac Washington, 1959

William Christenberry
5 Cents - Demopolis, Alabama

Dennis Oppenheim
Charlottenburger Tor, Berlin

Andrew Phelps
Untitled [For the Series: 720 (Two Times Around)]

Sean Hemmerle
Uday’s Palace Baghdad, Iraq, 2003

Jian Jiang
Cui Yanqun

Jory Hull
Composition 1305

Jian Jiang
Cui Yanqun

Lisette Model
Untitled (Jumper)

Michael Somoroff
Farmer's Child, 2007

John Cohen
Jack Kerouac

Jian Jiang
Cui Yanqun, Dengfeng

Aubrey Bodine
Virginia Landscape

Marcel Broodthaers
Straße in Holland, 1960

Marcel Broodthaers
Une plage en Hollande, "La Gran marca Mundial"

Marc Erwin Babej
Patient N.J., age 25

Adolf Lazi

Constant Alexandre Famin
Études d’Après Nature [144]

Peter Keetman

Elfriede Stegemeyer
Otto's Hand, 1933

Peter Keetman
Rauch einer Zigarette

Aaron Siskind
Man with lamp, Harlem

Louis Faurer
New York, NY, 1975

Peter Keetman
Werbeaufnahme für Boehringer, ca. 1956

Gabriele und Helmut Nothhelfer
Dame beim Pfingstkonzert, Berlin, 1974

Adolf Schneeberger
Venice scene with two women, mid 20'

André Kertész
Chagall and Family, Paris, 1933

Rosalind Solomon
Collector and artist, 1977 printed 2003

Larry Fink
Untitled, 1977

Michael Spano
Untitled, NYC

Jan Lukas
Zauber der Verliebtheit

Adolf Schneeberger
Venice, mid 20'

William Christenberry
4. 5¢ - Demopolis, Alabama, 1978

Harold Edgerton
Shooting the Apple, 1964

Carlo Ponti
Venezia - Piazza San Marco

Claude Tolmer
(surrealist composition,'), ca. 1930

Harold Piffard
Nude Study

August Sander
Blinde (Detail,') NB VII/45/6 CTC 427, um 1930

Irina Presnetsova
Illustration for "Time Limits", verses by Arseny Tarkowsky

Sean Hemmerle
Birdman, Beirut

André Villers
Picasso painting, 1960

Claude Tolmer
Cow, ca. 1930

Carlo Naya
Venezia -

Herb Snitzer
Louis Armstrong, on his bus en route to Tanglewood 34/75 PP

Achille Quinet
Colonne de la Bastille

Josef Sudek
From the Cycle Vanished Stautes